In 2001, I retired from GeoSyntec Consultants, the company I had founded in 1983. My title of Chairman Emeritus for life of GeoSyntec is purely honorific. I am entirely free to work as a consultant for any type of client. This is why I created JP GIROUD, INC. in 2001. Since then, I worked on more than 200 assignments.

With 55 years of experience in geotechnical engineering, including 47 years of experience with geosynthetics, I am devoting this phase of my career to technical work in the field of geosynthetics engineering. I believe that my experience in developing many of the design methods currently used for geosynthetics applications, designing more than a hundred structures incorporating geosynthetics, and performing numerous forensic analyses can be useful to owners, contractors, designers, regulators, and geosynthetics manufacturers. Also, my experience in evaluating new geosynthetics and getting them accepted by designers and regulators may be useful to inventors and manufacturers of innovative geosynthetics.

I taught geotechnical engineering for more than a decade at the beginning of my career, and I have presented more than one hundred seminars or short courses on geosynthetics. This experience may be useful to organizations interested in seminars and training courses on geosynthetics.

I have been fortunate to work in many parts of the world, from Armenia to South Africa, from Poland to Saudi Arabia, from Japan to Brazil, from Russia to New Zealand, etc. Furthermore, as President of the International Geosynthetics Society until 1990, I have chaired numerous international meetings and I have been involved in official functions in a variety of countries from India to Venezuela, from China to France, from Indonesia to the United Kingdom, etc. As a result of this international experience, I feel comfortable working everywhere in the world.

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