Dr. Giroud’s extensive work on liner systems, in particular geosynthetic liner systems, has led him to be involved in a number of mining projects. Representative projects are listed below:

  • Design of a geomembrane-lined reservoirs for sulfuric acid for a uranium mine, Arlit, Niger (1981).
  • Forensic analysis of the failure of a geomembrane liner in a very large evaporation pond for phosphoric acid, Aqaba, Jordan (1981).
  • Review of the design of geomembrane-lined reservoirs with floating cover in Kirkuk, Iraq (1982).
  • Evaluation of the performance of a PVC geomembrane in uranium leach pads with sulfuric acid, Arlit, Niger (1982).
  • Design of geotextile drains for Tyrone Mine tailing dam, USA (1982).
  • Experimental study of the aging of geomembranes exposed during four years in the Sahara desert, for a uranium mine, Arlit, Niger (1983).
  • Conceptual design, review of detailed design and construction quality assurance of geomembrane installation for three reservoirs, including one with a double liner, for a phosphate mine in Aqaba, Jordan (1983-84).
  • Review of the design of a geomembrane-lined tailing dam, Hemlo, Canada (1984).
  • Review of the conceptual design and guidance for the detailed design of the liner system for a gold mine heap leach pad, in Lead, South Dakota (1987).
  • Review of construction quality audit for a mine heap leach pad and associated ponds, Lawrence County, South Dakota (1988).
  • Expert testimony at administrative hearing and technical assistance to the South Dakota Department of Natural Resources for liner regulation applicable to ore leach pads at St. Joe’s mine, South Dakota (1988).
  • Analysis of leakage rates of three geomembrane-lined ponds for a gold mine, Chesterfield County, South Carolina (1988).
  • Review of the conceptual design and guidance for the detailed design of a liner system for heap leach pads for two different gold mines, near Lead, South Dakota (1988).
  • Analysis of the leakage rate of an ore leach pad lining system, Deadwood, South Dakota (1989).
  • Analysis of failures of geomembrane seams and definition of remedial measures at a uranium mine pond, Blanding, Utah (1991).
  • Evaluation of geomembrane resistance to puncturing by stones for an ore leach pad, Hayden, California (1994).
  • Performance evaluation of 16 evaporation ponds for a lithium mine, in Salar, Argentina (1998).
  • Design of a long-term (300-year) monitoring plan for the cover geomembrane of a large mine tailings storage facility, zinc and copper mine in Crandon, Wisconsin (1999-2001).
  • Analysis of upstream slope stability for geomembrane-lined Kulpol Tailings Dam, Russia (2006).
  • Design assistance for a geomembrane liner exposed to strong winds, Alcoa Slurry Containment Pond, Jamaica (2006).
  • Design assistance for the geomembrane durability, geomembrane mechanical behavior, and leakage evaluation, Red Dog Mine Tailings Dam, Alaska (2006).
  • Analysis of double geomembrane liner failure, Barragem da Pedra, Juiz de Fora, Brazil (2008).
  • Design assistance and construction review, Barragem da Pedra Upstream Reservoir, Juiz de Fora, Brazil (2008-2009).
  • Design assistance for Toromocho Tailings Dam liner Peru (2008-2009).
  • Design assistance for the drainage of a large dry residue disposal area, Suriname (2008-2009).
  • Design assistance and construction assistance for the capping of large tar sands sludge ponds, Suncor, Canada (2008-2010).
  • Design and construction review, Murici Tailings Dam, Tres Marias, Brazil (2008-2010).
  • Evaluation of leakage rate for ponds at Toromocho mine, Peru (2009).
  • Design assistance for the extension of Morro Agudo tailings storage facility, Brazil (2009).
  • Performance analysis of geomembrane liner on a gypsum stack, Piney Point, Florida (2012-2015).
  • Technical Preliminary design review and comparison of geomembranes for Las Bambas tailings dam, Peru (2014).
  • Technical assistance for downdrag analysis and required shear strength for Frieda River Tailings Dam, Papua New Guinea (2015).
  • Review of design and geomembrane testing program for Pyrite Concentrate Storage Facility, Papua New Guinea (2015-2016).
  • Review of design and geomembrane selection for tailings storage facility, Fruta del Norte, Ecuador (2016).
  • Review of geomembrane performance assessment, Red Dog Mining Dam, Northwest Arctic Borough, Alaska (2015).
  • Analysis of leakage at geomembrane-lined Reverse Osmosis Pond, Woleebee Creek, Queensland, Australia (2015).
  • Assistance for unstable geomembrane lined slope in a mining project, confidential location, Arizona (2016).

Dr. Giroud has also provided consulting services to the oil industry. Examples include:

  • Conceptual design of an unpaved access road for oil exploration, Ecuador (1991).
  • Liner system comparison, Tesoro tank farms, Alaska (1996).
  • Design assistance for pond liner associated with above ground tanks, for BP, Algeria (1997).
  • Liner system comparison, oil tank farms, Conoco, Spokane, Washington (2008).
  • Preparation of a manual on geosynthetics for Exxon-Mobil (2009).

Dr. Giroud has participated in the development of the State of Florida regulations for the liner system of gypsum stacks for the phosphate industry. In particular, he was instrumental in the acceptance of the concept of inverted composite liner.

For more information, see:

Dr. Giroud’s Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) on Liner Systems (which includes a list of more than 120 publications on liner systems)